08 June 2015


User generated database of tour dates and setlists. Far from complete, rarely entirely accurate, but often useful.
Genres: All
Depth: 5
Breadth: 6
File Quality: 5
Accessibility: 7
Database: 6
Search Engine: 7
Writing: NH
Interface: 6
Accuracy: 6
Entertainment: 5
Regions: Global
Media: Text
Period: 1890 - Now

Tour Information
Historical information about tours by Chuck Berry, and 17 other rock, soul and blues greats.
Genres: Rock, Blues, Soul
Depth: 7
Breadth: 5
File Quality: 6
Accessibility: 6
Database: 6
Search Engine: 4
Writing: NA
Interface: 5
Accuracy: 4
Entertainment: 6
Regions: Global, USA
Media: Text
Period: 1950 - Now

Huge collection of ticket stubs from concerts in all popular genres. HQ ticket reproductions only visible for premium subscribers and people who have something to trade. The site also has a Rockstuff zone, selling access to reproductions of ads, documents, autographs, backstage passes, flyers, setlists, memorabilia, photos, concert reviews, etc.
Genres: All
Depth: 6
Breadth: 6
File Quality: 9
Accessibility: 3
Database: 6
Search Engine: 6
Writing: NA
Interface: 4
Accuracy: NA
Entertainment: 4
Regions: All
Media: Document
Period: 1950 - Now

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